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5 Nov Sadly, with immediate effect as of November 5th, PandoraJam will no longer be available. Representatives of Pandora Media contacted us recently and after some deliberation and without prejudice, we have decided to halt development of PandoraJam in order to ensure our time and resources are. Email contact is [email protected], this is probably our last tweet. It will break PandoraJam and other non-Apple software from streaming audio. So you can install Flash on your system, keep a copy of the Flash plugin for apps like PandoraJam, and uninstall from your system. Pandora is one of the best online music services you'll come across and, thanks to PandoraJam, yo PandoraJam will show status updates in Skype, Adium and iChat but not other IM clients. View full This affects the Flash Player when running in 32 bit mode (which is what PandoraJam runs in), but not in 64 bit mode.

13 Feb Update (July 17, ): PandoraJam can now use Google Chrome's Flash plugin . In Preferences > General, select, “If Chrome installed, link to Flash plug-in, on launch”. This option completely solves the problem this post tried to address. PandoraJam is a Mac application that turns into a. PandoraJam enables you to enjoy the popular radio service on your Mac desktop. Easily stream music wirelessly, record audio for playback on iPods. 24 Dec Well darn one of my favorite little Mac Apps recently announced they were shutting down I Not really a "bump". Only the OP can bump (except if some other than the OP just posted "Bump", which would probably be a Frivolous post, not really a.

All these great songs are playing and not being downloaded!!! Thecragus Member Icon +0 · Thecragus Nov 30, +0. I've had the same problem. No answer from Pandorajam yet ;-). I suspect Pandora Radio has added something to the stream to keep Pandorajam from working as Nov. 20 seems to be my last recording. 6 Apr Mine is working again. I updated from version () to () but that didn't completely do the trick so I went into recording preferances in Pandorajam and un-checked "don't record duplicate songs in itunes library" and checked "don't record songs in recording folder". I also emptied the cache. 11 Aug Pandora is a pretty great music player, but it doesn't give the best possible experience in-browser. Free app PandoraJam integrates it with your Mac's desktop, providing Growl support, integration, instant message status updates, Apple remote support, and even recording to iTunes.


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