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Open office word 2003

Hi and welcome to the forums. Until recently ,.xls and other Microsoft binary formats were a locked proprietary secret and so the OOo developers had to basically reverse engineer them, so it isn't a surprise that these types of incompatibility arise every so often. It is always safer to work in the native. Re: Opening word file in OpenOffice. Post by Hagar Delest» Fri Jun 27, am. format was closed until recently, some glitches like that remain (filters have been made by reverse engineering). See the header/footer configuration and margins, OOo and MS Word are slightly different for. I need to convert my files back to Microsoft Word but I do not know how to do this. I tried removing the OpenOffice program from my home PC in the hopes that it would automatically convert the documents back to their original format but this did not happen. Can anyone tell me how to troubleshoot this.

29 May Outlook and maybe other Microsoft Outlook versions do provide some functionality to tight-bound-integrate the Microsoft Office Word processor "MS Word" so that a user can simple copy & paste text with formattings (formatted text) from a word document into a Email composed / created inside Outlook. Hello, Can anyone help me on this Unable to open Word / Excel file in open office getting error like " Read-Error. This is not a WinWord97 file. ". OpenOffice on Windows 7. test Posts: 8: Joined: Mon Nov 18, 10 am. Top. Hi, I download the sources of open office , but i can't find the code that implements support of word's binary doc format. I writing doc-converter (for our system written in PHP) and can't realize support of pictures (in specification this information isn't full). How it realized in OO? Can you help me?.

When I installed openoffice it converted a lot of my rtf and text files to Microsoft Word Document when I tried to change the file association back all that did was give me a bunch of mixed up letters when I tried to uninstall open office the results were the same how do get it back to the way it was I do. When I click on a file that says it is a MS Word doc file, a little screen comes up asking for ASCII Filter Options. I click on OK. Then the document opens but it is all computer jibberish, and a document that was one page long now is 30 pages long with just a few odd looking characters on each page. Hi and welcome to the forum! Open the templates, save them as ODF template . ott). You can then import them in the Template folder by using the File>Templates >Organize>My Templates, then Commands>Import template. Please add [Solved ] at the beginning of the title in your first post (top of the topic).


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