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Mechjeb pod version 2.0

I can not figure out what it is meant to be or what it is supposed to be used as, any help?. 28 Nov I have just researched (purchased with science) "Automation" and yet the pod is not available in VAB. Note that the other 2 items in the "Automation" group are available in VAB now, namely the "MK2 Drone Core" and the "Communotron HG- 55". game version: (x64) mechjeb version. Includes an optional version of the Hitchhiker pod (àla my Crew Tank Command Pod mod) to a command pod with MechJeb installed. If you use it, the Crew Tank Command Pod is no longer necessary. Compatible with , requires MechJeb or above (only the is required).

Add either the AR surface-attached case from the Control tab or the MechJeb pod from the Pods tab to one of your use the button on the right . Some mods worked right away, some took to the new release after a few consecutive launches, some hasn't worked at all. All I can say is leave the mod in . 23 Aug revert to the flight to the VAB, change the position of the AS case to the right side of the pod, go to launch, the starting orientation of the navball changes yet again. . Ever since the lastest update to KSP, I also updated to the lastest version of Mechjeb ( i think) and there is no part to place any more. 17 May 1 Version ; 2 Version ; 3 Version ; 4 Version ; 5 Version ; 6 Version ; 7 Version ; 8 Version ; 9 Version ; 10 Version ; 11 Version - pre- .. Merging RinComp with MechJeb;; Changes for compatibility;; Disabled Pod auto-assembly (incompatible with );.

12 Oct the 'Mechanical Jeb - Pod version - Decoupler' part wont attach. i am trying to make a craft with the ball shaped mech jeb pod, but it looked weird, so i went to use the pod holder decoupler, but one of the green attach points wont work, so i either cant attach it to the pod, or i cant attach anything underneath. 24 May This part of the game is interested only in getting the Kerbalnaut into orbit, and all that takes is a command pod, a rocket, and some fuel. They're .. The newest version () can do that now though. Everyone needs to make their own choice but for me MechJeb (especially now that it's v.2+) is the bomb.


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