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Rct2 micro park

Try to create the world's smallest profitable park. The final scenario in Loopy Landscapes and the only scenario in the expansion pack to have a park value objective. As you see, you have a land in micro scale, the tile map is only 15x This is the Micro Park Scenario from RCT1 (which is a tiny empty square) ported to 2 from the Scenario port pack from this subreddit. The pictures show the finished park with the scenario goal (of getting a market value of k in Oct. Year 3) met; It was not easy especially on the money side, but I think I got. I've worked on a Micro Park for the past 3 hours and here it is. I've also put the objectives too. -To achieve guests in your park by the end of y.

I stumbled upon a micro park scenario file yesterday, and I was settled to do that before anything else. So after a few hours, here it is. Overvie. Micro Park. by davewan · Download. Requires RCT1 0 comments 0 likes. Micro Park finished with 40K+ Park Value. Section: Scenarios; File Size: KB; Date Uploaded: Feb 15, Flag for Review · Log in or Sign up to post a comment. Upload Your Works. Micro Parks There's been a few good micro park posts on reddit recently, both done in OpenRCT: by Thundergrunge by christophersveum I just started this scenario in vanilla version of RCT2, and will be.

I think I've finally figured this out: I suck at almost everything in RCT2 except for making good layouts. I got this idea from a friend, and although I know it's been done before, I'm taking the time to build an entire park full of my take on the " microcoaster" craze. My goal is to eventually fill an entire sandbox.


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