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If you haven't played a Zork game before, don't worry -- it works well as a stand- alone game. Zork Grand Inquisitor is also a very well-designed adventure game. The story is well thought-out and well told, and in my opinion, the game gets better as it goes along. Unlike many (most?) adventure games, the ending doesn' t. Zork: Grand Inquisitor is the third in the row of graphical Zork games. It utilizes the same engine as its predecessor, with first-person perspective, degree camera rotation, pre-rendered backgrounds, and live actors. Compared to the previous game, it is more similar in tone to the early, predominantly humorous Zork. of external websites. Copyright infringement (DMCA) can be messaged on facebook page. Member of Abandonware Ring. By using this website, you agree to our Privacy Policy. (c) Independent Software (c) Old Games Finder All Rights Reserved. Protected by BOWI Group. Powered by speedstar / IT-KRAK.

Zork: Grand Inquisitor is a graphic adventure game developed by Activision and released for Windows in , and for Macintosh in It builds upon the Zork and Enchanter series of interactive fiction video games originally released by Infocom, and sees players attempting to restore magic to Zork, solving puzzles and. 2 Jan This week's forgotten game is the last installment of the Zork series, the franchise that started with a text adventure and ended in 3D. Not only is Zork: Grand Inquisitor a clever, well-written adventure game, but it's also one of the most singularly rewarding games a fan of Zork could ever play. Note: This guide is for the Windows version of Zork Grand Inquisitor, either on CD or DVD. It assumes your CD/DVD drive is at D:\ and that you wish to install under the C:\Games folder. Adjust instructions accordingly for your situation. Installing/ Configuring Zork Grand Inquisitor (CD Version). Install Zork Grand Inquisitor to.

There are a few problems with Zork: Grand Inquisitor here and there, but in playing this game, I was overwhelmed with delight. I've played such masterpieces from Lucas Arts like The Curse of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, and I would put that Zork: Grand Inquisitor in that company. Best of all, it reduces the disaster.


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