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23 Apr Bunny the Zombie Slayer. I've been a fan of Hothead Games for quite a while. From the Ron Gilbert helmed Deathspank to the criminally under-appreciated Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness series, they seem to be one of those groups that know how to make fun niche. 10 May The longevity of Bunny the Zombie Slayer may be short-lived, but the gameplay and graphics are fantastic, and the action is instantly appealing. 27 Apr Games like Bunny The Zombie Slayer are an amusing illustration of how fun simplistic themed games can be successful as long as players are not fixated on an extended experience. When the longest play sessions will most likely last fifteen minutes at most, these are the perfect bite sized experiences for.

21 Apr In the game, players control a heroic bunny, who must protect children searching for his eggs from waves of Zombie Hordes. These once-deceased characters ( nurses, businessmen, cheerleaders and more) will stop at nothing to take what is most precious from these young ovo-searchers. Using the. 25 Apr Bunny the Zombie Slayer, the first iOS title from Canadian developer Hothead Games, launched today on the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This Holiday you can give your family the greatest gift of all - Zombie Protection. In the game, players control a heroic bunny, who must protect. 3 May When we all think of the Easter Bunny we think of an extra large cute bunny that is basically the Santa Claus of eggs and baskets. Not this Easter Bunny. Though he looks fluffy and cute with his big sparkly eyes, all he is out to do is protect some kids who are trying to enjoy Easter from hordes of zombies.

3 May I know that Easter has passed but I'm sure you wouldn't mind to see an Easter bunny throwing a variety of eggs to hold off waves of Zombies, would you? Bunny the Zombie Slayer is a good game on your iPhone to play if you want a short burst of fun. The idea is to hold off waves of incoming Zombies from. In addition to the charming graphics and challenging gameplay, Bunny the Zombie Slayer has a few other tricks. When a zombie starts getting too close to your base, time will slow down and the camera will zoom in on the danger. This gives you a few frantic seconds to fill the screen with eggs, trying to take out the threat.


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